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 Trains Tv Collection

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PostSubject: Trains Tv Collection   Sun Jun 28, 2009 6:54 am

hey Lucky here, ok since no one really knows who i am well if you know Zapper903,Trains13,Jonny test88,Ici fever,Spq96 well i work on trains13's blog you can't see my name but i have worked there FOR YEARS im a hidden author i do stuff like the css and like inside the blog all the stuff we move i do that well check out the new css we got it's cool well i thought we should have a post for videos for Trains13 becuz well were all fans of Trains Tv right? lol well ya heres 2 of the videos you'll like

Trains Tv : New Authors Party the song we used : life is a highway thats the Trains Tv Authors Favorite group song
Trains Tv : Club Penguin Train Chasers Kickoff Party

Have you ever wanted to be a Trains Tv Blog Author? well you can
first you must take the test to see if you know everything
1.what age was Trains13 when he joined cp? hint : hes 14 now.
2.who are all the authors?:
3.what are Pigpen98 and Zapper903s real names?:
4.do you have a blog of your own?:
5.are you expierenced with wordpress?:
6.do you have a email address?:
ok you just need to comment your email to the blog
and we'll add you to the team.
7.will you show up at all parties we have?:

well thats all enjoy!
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Trains Tv Collection
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